Monday, July 3, 2017

My Star-Spangled Project List for July

7 chickens   made during s day of air travel!
Fancy title, eh? Well, working this up over the 4th of July weekend, I felt it needed a bit of a patriotic flair! 

July is going to be crazy... I'll admit that right now. Vacation Bible School at church, a week-long trip to Michigan to watch my granddaughter, and some canning of those great summer fruits and veggies... so, my lists are a bit more vague this month.

I started out the month with some organizing, getting a recent yarn gift (a tall kitchen garbage bag full) sorted into inventory, so I can easily find it when I need it for a project. That also helps me to plan out projects, knowing just what I have on hand! 

Then I dumped out the basket next to my chair. It was overflowing with yarn left over from projects. I sorted it by yardage, and made myself three bags: tiny scraps, medium size ball and large ball/slightly used skeins. I found eight balls/skeins of cotton yarn that will be great for more chicken potholders! 
Looking a little neater now.

So, here is my list for July: 
Use up 5 pounds of yarn from stash (starting point 202.7 pounds, 642 entries)
Participate in One and Two Company CAL - DONE

Start work on a Princess Dress Blanket from Melody's Makings

Make 10 projects from the scrap basket next to my chair

#1 - Scrap Yarn Puppy
#2, Puppy has a big brother.

Make 10 chicken potholders

3 added (last 3 in bottom row)

#4... made while waiting at doctor's appointment!
Finished Monday, 7/17 during 8 hours in airports and on flights, when I made 7 chicken potholders!

Make a striped giraffe
Finished 7/16

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